Diary #29 – A Shoe Upon the Other Foot


After a daring act of subterfuge, the trident made it past security and into the NEC. It was not for me to wield, however: I entrusted it to Nicki Lloyd to aid in his promotion of Immortality. There was a great buzz on ITB Avenue today, with three Birmingham Game Designer stands clustered together.

I was lucky to be a part of the Dranda Games team today, helping Ayden to demo Solar Storm, a cooperative survival game set a little too close to the sun’s corona. I’ve seen the project develop over the past few years and it’s become a devilish, intricate game which drew in the crowds (look out for it on Kickstarter in September). And Ayden has done it right: meticulously measuring his stand for maximum impact on punters and minimum effort for us. Remember my effort from this time last year? Now I know how it’s done.

I spent the afternoon catching up with old friends at the Playtest UK stand, where I did two demos of Dawn of Gnome. The game seemed to go down well, and I had some useful suggestions for graphic design. The wild actions got their second test and seem to be too powerful – I’ve spent the evening thinking of variables I can tweak to bring them back in line. I’ll be visiting the Playtest UK stand again tomorrow: this time as a volunteer, helping match designers and playtesters together. Sounds easy, doesn’t it…?

If you’re around tomorrow, pop over to stands 1-297 or 1-283 and say hi!

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