Diary #20 – Team


Yes, you read that right: I may still be crazy but I’m no longer working alone! With the help of Amy and Will (who will be joined tomorrow by Sarah) I was able to run an effective stand today at UKGE. At least, by my usual measures of mailing list sign ups, business cards and playtests (three whole games!) it was effective. The big surprise was the return of Find the Turtle, which proved so popular I’m considering making that my first Kickstarter instead.

The day started strong with the team from The Offline Gamer podcast interviewing me about the stand and the prototype. After that I asked Amy and Will to run games of Olympus while I stood by the stand and continued to promote to passers by. This didn’t work too well because I couldn’t resist watching the game unfold and so neglected my duties. This arrangement did, however, allow me time to leave the stand and flit around the exhibition, catching up with friends. Many of my fellow designers have Kickstarter campaigns live at the moment – take a look at both Nicki’s Immortality and Joseph’s Nightlancer for more Greek mythology and a dystopian vision of Birmingham respectively.

After the irrefutable Keith had nudged me away from my stand at closing I joined a Greg, Andy and a number of other designers for some playtesting in the labyrinthine Hilton Hotel.

Overall a great day but more work needs to be done on the stand – even with a game in full swing it looks flat. Maybe we need more tridents? Certainly the name of the game needs to be somewhere, I’ll have to see what spice can be added tomorrow.

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