Diary #6 – Expo day 1


What a day! I’ve just managed to dodge boxes, rain and hordes of Take That fans to get home from the NEC. Take that, Take That!

I told myself I’d write these diary entries to keep track of what I’ve done during the expo so, even though I’ve been on the move for the past 15 hours I’m going to try to do a summary. Looking back at my horde of collected business cards I’m glad to have met a number of designers of upcoming Kickstarters, whose campaigns I had encountered on social media but I hadn’t met in person.

I was tempted to write a “Day 0” entry after I went to the Expo set up yesterday. It was actually quite fun (partly because I was one of few people not charging around desperately) and the picture is an unusually successful selfie of me in front of the Inside the Box stand, where I helped put up some shelves. I soon realised I was going to need to take it easy over the next few days though – very easy to exhaust yourself at Expo.

Spreading the word – definitely managed that today. I was sharing a stand (J7) with James from Exilian and Stephen from Utherwald Press. We got a good amount of interest from passers by, though James suggested that my welcome line of “We’re probably the messiest stand at Expo!” was probably not the best. My favourite moment of ensnaring a passer-by was a man’s response when I asked if he’d like to hear my pitch for Olympus: “Urgh. As long as it’s not another boring game about dwarves and elves”. He walked away 30 seconds later with a business card in his hand and a smile on his face.

Had a good chat with Darren and Gillian Pearce across the way this afternoon, so that’s a big tick in my “artwork” and “networking” targets. I’m after distributors in the next few days. There was another cracker of an event by Playtest UK in the evening.

Tomorrow then: James is away giving an academic talk so more of the stand is mine to play with. A version of Olympus will be set up to talk about. Set up! It’s going to be a mad day. I’ll allow myself a couple of hours off to go to the Wyvern’s Lair as an audience member but it’s otherwise at the stand for me.


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